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Another dramatic morning...

Welp, the time has come! My twins are officially injecting themselves into their wardrobe choices, hairstyles, accessories, you name it, they have an opinion, a strong one.

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that they want to look what they call "nice" but geez...we have a difference of opinion, and I am struggling with that!

My girl wants to wear a skirt or a dress EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. If she does not, I've got hell to pay.... (the whiny little girl comes out). Pants do not feel good she tells me. She says she feels fancier in dresses. Okay, I get that, but the weather is changing, and this mama has no time for taking care of sick kids because they were half dressed. We went back and forth...finally, she wore a skirt. I'm tired.

My boy was satisfied with his haircut leaving the barber shop on yesterday but somewhere between bedtime and morning, he said he looked like a "skinny head"...not sure what that is but he was NOT having it. He told me he did not want to go to school looking like that and was adamant about it. Mind you, we have 7 minutes until time to walk out of the door with lots more to do. Now, it's time to go....he's still in his bathroom trying to get his "hairstyle" together. I'm furious...."boy, you look handsome! Come on!" He cries....I'm confused and tired.

Too many opinions. Too many choices. Kids these days are a lot. Just do what I say. They try me and I sometimes give in. Some days I do not have the energy. #pickingmybattles

Another dramatic morning...sigh.


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