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Mom Guilt is real...very real.

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

A random thought. I know; too early for this. I love varying perspectives so feel free to tap in.

Mom Guilt.

Society is the problem. Nope, we can’t do anything about “society”. It just seems universal that we feel guilty more often than not about every choice we make as a Mama.

Society places SO much shame on us as Mamas. We get ridiculed for working demanding careers and the want to climb. We are shamed for being stay at home Mamas. We are shamed for disciplining our kids. We are shamed for choosing to homeschool or not; not to mention Private vs Public. We are made to feel guilty about taking a trip without our kids. God forbid we feed our kids takeout /drive thru occasionally …that’s a disgrace. Just stop it society. We are asked to lean into our communities and careers while holding down the family (without making a wrong move.)

We are held to an impossible standard. Don’t get caught up in it.

The reality is that no matter how we choose to parent, these kids can thrive. We are all just doing our very damn best.

Rant over.

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