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Mothering Girls Motherless

I live to witness a belly laugh from both my kids, but my daughter…well, she reminds me of me when I was her age, except…she has me. I had no mother.

In this photo, she is so happy. Nothing extraordinary happened. No one told a funny joke. She was just having breakfast with family and everything was just funny for some reason. 🤪 As a Mama with the camera phone ready at all times, I captured this photo that carries me beyond the emptyness that I often feel.

They say laughter is good for the soul, right? Yes, but only when it comes naturally and not forced. I smiled often at that very age, but looking back, I’m not sure how “happy” I actually was. I was always very intuitive and witty, and I knew how to show up and appear well, even as a little person. Little people shouldn’t bear the responsibility of knowing such grown-up emotions.

Do not get me wrong, my goal is to not have happy kids. That is not realistic regardless of what anyone says. Happy moments, on the other hand, is what we strive for. I want them to enjoy the happy moments of life while also being equipped to overcome the inevitable disappointments and hurts.

My point…Mothering motherless is hard…very hard. I know what it feels like to not have her presence beginning at the age my daughter is now. Because of this, I am very intentional about giving her (&my son) what I yearned for all these years, and still do….at almost 46.


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