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No Spend February!

Hey Momtivity Mamas!

So we are 2 months out from the holidays which required spending more money than usual...we did stay within our budget though. But...January has been a "see it, want it, buy it for me!" I know, terrible (well sort of). I think it's mostly been because I am still recuperating and online shopping is quite the trap! These darn pop-ups and ads are the devil!

Let's not forget....retirement is near, cars for two, college for two and traveling is wayyyyy more important than spending frivolously! I have to stick to our financial plan or the next meeting with our advisor will be a bit uncomfortable 😳!

Well, I've decided to spend money on what's necessary in February only! NO SPEND FEBRUARY! (Shhhh. please don't share with my husbae...I don't need a reminder enery 5 mins). I will track my spending and ask my sisters to hold be accountable! I admit, I am an Amazon junkie so I am going to work hard to not fall for the temptation! I can't meet anyone out for brunch or cocktails because I'm banned from driving right now 😡...but that helps my budget tremendously🤪!

For fun, let me share some of my favorite things! If you want to try the NO Spend February with me, let me know and we can hold each other accountable!

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