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The revelation of motherhood continues…Thanksgiving Break ‘23

Good morning, wonderful momtivity mamas!

Today, as our precious kids ventured out the door after a week of being home, an unexpected emptiness settled in my heart. Amid the occasional nerve-wracking moments, I've relished their company. Their increasing maturity has transformed our interactions, leaving me speechless at times.

In this brief week of discovery:

  1. A profound revelation from one of my children, "Mama, let people love you." This simple yet weighty advice lifted a burden I didn't know I carried. The impact is too deep to articulate.

  2. A shift in mindset prioritized uninterrupted time with each child over the never-ending to-do list. It's no longer a matter of "have to" but a realization of the invaluable moments I get to share with them.

  3. Realizing that kids, too, deserve explanations. Hesitation and defiance often stem from feeling unheard. We experienced enlightening "aha" moments. It feels great when your kids say, "mama, I're right!"

  4. Transparency became a theme. While I haven't aimed to provide everything I had and more, it's been more about imparting lessons learned and how to cope in today's time. It's an exhaustive process, but pacing myself is okay; life's lessons unfold with each situation.

5. The interactions between all of us and what is prioritized in our home will be their foundation.

Our journey continues, and as we navigate the complexities of parenting, remember that these moments shape not only our children but also us. Here's to embracing the evolving chapters of motherhood and savoring the profound beauty within each one.



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