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Sprinkle kindness!

Calling all mamas, women and sisters to ponder on the world's complexities as we rock out our roles  at home, work, and in the community. There is a lot to unpack day in and day out. Try this: it'll make life a little sweeter!

Swap gossip for wisdom, ditch jealousy for grace and love. Lift each other up, superhero-style, because our little sidekicks (our babies) need it. Take a mirror moment—ask, "Am I sprinkling kindness or sowing the seeds of eye-rolling karma?" This seems to be something that even those of us with the very best intentions and beautiful hearts need to be reminded of…..just a thought because tables can turn quickly.

The holidays are upon us and kindness, patience and empathy goes a long way….Sending hugs to women dealing with the “heavy stuff”in silence. ❤️



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